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End-point assessment organisations

As part of the new apprenticeships, the apprentice must complete an end-point assessment. The requirements are contained in the assessment plans published by government.

The end-point assessment must be totally independent to the apprentices training. It’s a bit like a driving test as the method of training that an employer chooses is flexible, but apprentices MUST complete the end-point assessment requirements relating to the apprenticeship standard that they are following.

Therefore, the end-point assessor must demonstrate a clear line of separation from the apprentices’ training provider. End-point assessment organisations must be on the government’s Register of End-Point Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations.

It is up to the employer to choose their end-point apprenticeship assessment organisation and they do not have to opt for the organisation recommended by their training provider. 

Approved end-point assessment organisations for the hospitality, retail, travel, aviation and bus, coach and heavy vehicle sectors can be found here.


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