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Preparing your business for the new apprenticeship standards

Sold on the benefits of apprenticeships and ready to start using them in your business? Follow these four essential steps for small and medium businesses:

  • Make apprenticeships work for your business - think about how they can be used to develop your talent and increase productivity and retention.

Apprenticeships can fit into businesses in a number of ways. They can be used as a recruitment tool or to help staff progress within the business.

The new-style apprenticeships have been developed by employers and form progressive career pathways, incorporating the knowledge, skills and behaviours employers have defined for today’s industry.

Look across your business needs and explore the new standards, covering entry level through to managerial roles, to see which of them can be used to develop the skills you need.

  • Look at your what current training and development you already do and how this maps to the apprenticeship standards

In the new apprenticeships, the training is not prescribed. You have flexibility in the training your apprentice undertakes as long as it meets the apprenticeship standard - so you can decide the combination of training that best suits your business needs.

Think about the training you currently use and any new programmes that will benefit your business, and how they meet the standards.

  • Identify local training providers that can work with you to deliver your apprenticeship training

You’ll need to identify a local training provider or college that best meets your needs. Our network of gold standard apprenticeship providers, which are rigorously assessed and regularly reviewed on their ability to deliver an outstanding service to employers, is a great place to start. You can find out more about apprenticeship training and will soon be able to identify local training providers here.

  • Find out what support your business is entitled to

With the new apprenticeships, businesses with an annual pay bill of less than £3million only need to contribute 10% of the training costs of an apprenticeship – funding is available from the government to cover the remaining 90%.

There is also additional support available – you can find out more about paying for apprenticeships here.

Your chosen training provider or college will be able to guide you through the funding process.


Find a local apprenticeship training provider

Find a local provider to work in partnership with you to deliver your apprenticeship training - they can help guide you through the process and make apprenticeships work for your business.

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