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Delivering apprenticeships as a training provider or college

The apprenticeship system in England is currently going through its biggest change in decades. Going forward employers will procure the providers they need to help them maximise their investment in the apprenticeship levy. Competition will be immense and employers will be seeking providers that can demonstrate their understanding of the new standards and how the new system works, as well as their flexibility and quality.

It is critical that providers are fully up to speed with the changes and can differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

What's different?
  • All employers with a pay bill of over £3 million will contribute to an apprenticeship levy from April 2017.
  • The new apprenticeships are based on short and concise professional standards that have been set by employers
  • The standards clearly define the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to be fully competent in their role
  • The new standards give businesses the flexibility and control to choose how best to train their apprentices, meaning employers have the option to integrate their in-house training into the apprenticeship, use programmes of their choice or do a mixture of both
  • Apprentices will prove they meet the standard through an independent end assessment, meaning outcomes across the board will be more consistent


The apprenticeship levy: One year on

Nearly a year since the apprenticeship levy was introduced, our latest pulse report looks at the progress businesses have made to ensure a positive return on investment from their levy contribution.

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Withdrawal of apprenticeship pathways

As a result of our sector consultation, and communication with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), People 1st is extending the withdrawal date of apprenticeships pathways for hospitality, travel, bus and coach, retail, funeral services and aviation as outlined here.

These dates are final with exception of the three highlighted pathways where the replacement standards are currently being developed and are subject to approval. Any queries regarding this announcement should be directed to trailblazer@people1st.co.uk

Apprenticeship standards & assessment

The new standards form progressive career pathways but what job roles do they cover? Access the standards, assessment plans and guidance to support the delivery of apprenticeships.

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Becoming an apprenticeship provider

The government is introducing a new register for apprenticeship training providers. Only providers on the register can be paid public funding to deliver apprenticeship training. Find out how to apply to the register.

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Apprenticeship delivery guides

To support the delivery of the new apprenticeship standards, we have a series of guides that contain all the detail you need to successfully deliver the new standards.

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People 1st provider network

Our provider network can help you get up to speed with the changes to apprenticeships and prepare to deliver the new standards. Joining can also help you develop partnerships with employers.

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