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WorldHost® training

Did you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one?

Excellent service can make the difference between your business surviving and thriving, and that’s where WorldHost customer service training can help!

WorldHost programmes are modern, interactive and energetic and will really help your people learn and remember the basic principles of great customer service.


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WorldHost Principles of Customer Service

Our WorldHost ‘Principles of Customer Service’ programme will give your staff the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver excellent customer service, giving your business the excellent reputation it deserves.

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WorldHost Service Across Cultures

Our WorldHost ‘Service Across Cultures’ programme will increase your staff’s awareness of other cultures and give them practical skills to communicate effectively with visitors from overseas.

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WorldHost Frontline Management Solutions - Retail

Our WorldHost ‘Frontline Management Solutions – Retail’ will give your front-line managers and leaders the skills to build and develop a high-performing customer service team.

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WorldHost Principles of Supervising Customer Service

Our WorldHost ‘Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance‘ programme gives your managers and supervisors the skills to build a real customer service culture in your business - from the top down.

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WorldHost Customers with Disabilities

Our WorldHost ‘Customers with Disabilities’ programme will give your staff the knowledge and confidence to cater for disabled customers’ needs sensitively and effectively.

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WorldHost Insights

The interactive ‘WorldHost Insights’ programme will give your staff a speedy introduction to excellent customer service.

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WorldHost Sales Powered by Service

Our WorldHost ‘Sales Powered by Service’ programme will transform your staff into effective sales professionals who not only listen to your customers’ needs, but maximise on them.

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WorldHost Ambassador Workshop

Our WorldHost ‘Ambassador Workshop’ gives staff and volunteers the skills to deliver a warm and friendly welcome and is particularly focused on their role as an ambassador for their local area.

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Train your staff to deliver WorldHost

WorldHost Principles of Customer Service (Train the Facilitator)

This programme will teach your people how to deliver the hugely popular WorldHost Principles of Customer Service course to other staff in your business.

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WorldHost Suite (Train the Facilitator)

These programmes will teach your people how to deliver the suite of WorldHost customer service courses to other staff in your business.

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