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Female talent in hospitality and tourism

The number of women in managerial positions across hospitality and tourism businesses has fallen by over 13,000 in the past five years. Retaining and developing women is critical to the growth of the industry - so how can businesses create an environment that harnesses female talent?

Our latest insights into female talent in the hospitality and tourism industry looks at the extent to which the industry is maximising opportunities to retain and progress women into more senior roles. It explores the organisational barriers preventing more women from progressing into these roles, the structural barriers across the industry and the pay differentials between men and women.

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Expedia, Compass Group and former Apprentice runner-up Ruth Badger were among the winners are our 2017 Shine Awards, which celebrate the achievements of women working in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism, as well as the mentors, ambassadors and businesses that are actively working to improve gender balance at senior levels.