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Upcoming research

Find out about our upcoming research on issues affecting the visitor economy, and how you can get involved:

The 21st Century chef

By 2022, the hospitality industry will need to recruit a further 11,000 chefs. But how realistic is this, given that employers report that chefs are the most difficult role to recruit for? Where might these 11,000 chefs come from, what are the drivers for this demand and why are employers finding it difficult to recruit?

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How businesses are rethinking their customers’ experience

Technology is revolutionising the way that businesses and customers interact with one another. With the explosion of social media allowing people to share their experiences both directly and publicly, and processes like online ordering and checking-in now becoming the norm, the way customers communicate has changed drastically over the past decade.

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What do our future managers look like?

What visitor economy businesses want, and need, from their managers is changing. As the marketplace evolves at an ever-increasing pace, managers must have a broader range of skills to help their businesses compete. It’s no longer just about processes – it’s about motivating teams, engaging with customers and keeping abreast of changing technology and new opportunities.

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