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What do our future managers look like? How much autonomy will they have and how will they manage?

Research overview

What visitor economy businesses want, and need, from their managers is changing.

As the marketplace evolves at an ever-increasing pace, managers must have a broader range of skills to help their businesses compete. It’s no longer just about processes – it’s about motivating teams, engaging with customers and keeping abreast of changing technology and new opportunities. At the same time, the industry is facing a management shortage, with 471,000 additional managers needed by 2024.

So what do our future managers look like, and how will they be expected to operate? Do managers they have the skills and experience to address rising staff costs and increased competition? And what role can apprenticeships and higher education can play in helping to develop these skills? People 1st is currently exploring this issue with businesses across the visitor economy.

This research aims to show:

  • The changing role of managers and the skills, knowledge and experience they need
  • How businesses are measuring and supporting their managers
  • Whether existing managers have the skills to meet business needs
  • How businesses are recruiting and developing managers at different levels
  • The extent to which businesses are measuring and encouraging diversity of opportunity
  • How businesses are using higher education and apprenticeships to help develop their managers

Getting involved

As part of this research, we need to interview businesses across the visitor economy to understand what skills they are looking for in managers and how they are developing them.

Interviews typically take around 40 minutes and all responses are anonymous.

To take part in the research, contact Martin-Christian Kent on 07770 733393 or email martin-christian.kent@people1st.co.uk


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