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Customer service facts you can't afford to ignore

Acquiring new customers is expensive, as is re-engaging with those who have lost touch or had a negative experience. Still unsure of the power of good customer service? Read these facts.

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The chef shortage

Chefs continue to be a key recruitment challenge for many hospitality businesses. Currently, 42% of chef vacancies are considered hard-to-fill and by 2022 we need to recruit an additional 11,000 chefs. But what can be done to address the problem?

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The future digital, green & social skill needs in tourism

As a key partner of the Next Tourism Generation Alliance, we've been working alongside eight countries across Europe to identify the future digital, green & social skill needs in tourism.

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People and productivity

With the introduction of the National Living Wage and the apprenticeship levy, businesses are having to look at ways to maximise the investment they are making in their staff to result in tangible business benefits. So what are businesses doing to increase performance?

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