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WEBINAR: Practical approaches to help your business tackle the chef shortage

11 January 2018 10am-11am

Are you finding it harder than ever before to find and retain talent in the kitchen? Do you want find practical ways to alleviate the chef shortage in your business?

Recruiting great chefs is tough. Keeping them is even tougher. As our latest research shows, there are a myriad of factors contributing to the shortage and, with Brexit on the horizon, the talent pool is set to shrink further.

The good news is it’s not unsolvable, but businesses who are beginning to crack the problem are taking a different approach.

Join our executive director and author of our report ‘The chef shortage: A solvable crisis?’, Martin-Christian Kent, on Thursday 11 January at 10am to hear about the extent, causes and impact of the shortage, and confront what can be done to solve the challenge.

To look at the practical solutions that business can adopt to address the shortage, we’ll be joined by Jaimie Stewart, head of learning & development at D&D London, and Ros Hardiman, director of human resources at Kew Green Hotels, who will be sharing their views and experiences, and discussing the practical approaches they’ve taken to help attract and retain chefs in their businesses.

Spaces at the webinar are limited, so register now to secure your place!

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This webinar is open to employers and members of our accredited provider network only. Non-member colleges and training providers can find out more about joining our accredited provider network at accreditation@people1st.co.uk.

The chef shortage: A solvable crisis?

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