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Webinar: Transforming your approach to the people strategy: Learning from Paul UK

Are you looking to transform your people strategy to drive profitability and tackle the increasing challenges faced by UK businesses?

Rising costs, recruitment difficulties and changing employee expectations, compounded by Brexit, are all combining towards an uncertain future.

So what approaches are businesses taking to increase their productivity and performance in order to stay competitive?

Paul UK, the 36-strong French bakery and cafe brand, recently announced an annual turnover rise of 12.3%, despite being faced with challenging trading conditions owing to the fall in the value of sterling, business rate increases and the absorption of the National Living Wage.

So what’s their secret? How has their commitment to their people helped them to continue to engage with their customers and perform well?

Join our executive director, Martin-Christian Kent and hear from PAUL UK’s HR director, Hilary Culkin, to learn how they’ve reworked the customer journey and how this has helped staff to do their jobs more effectively and changed the philosophy of HR at PAUL.

The session covers:

  • The people-related challenges facing UK businesses
  • Three typologies: ‘architects’, ‘interior designers’ and ‘builders’
  • How businesses are increasing their productivity and performance in order to stay competitive
  • Paul UK’s approach to the people strategy
  • The challenges faced by the HR team at Paul UK and approaches to overcome them
  • How HR teams can break away from being a ‘builder’– repairing and building infrastructure

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