People strategy wheel

We'll work with you to develop a people strategy that is fully aligned with your business plan and maximises the potential of your people.

Our people strategy wheel helps our experts to:

  • Work through the essential components of your people strategy
  • Ensure each element is contributing effectively to your strategy
  • Ensure that it is aligned with your overall business strategy

Depending on the needs of your business, we can work with you to develop a full strategy, or help address specific aspects where you need additional support.

1. Focusing the strategy

The aim of this component is to ensure that the people strategy is fully aligned to the needs of the business and that the business is maximising their investment in its people.

By understanding the priorities of the business, our experts will develop a structured people strategy with clear and measurable aims and objectives and that outlines the focus of each of the seven components of the people strategy, aligned to the business plan.

2. Emphasising performance and productivity

The aim of this component is to identify the types of interventions required by the business to increase the performance of individual staff or teams of staff.

Our experts will work with your team to develop a plan that identifies the key interventions that will be adopted to increase the output and effectiveness of staff, and the measurements that will be used to evaluate the impact.

3. Understanding the skill needs of the existing workforce

The aim of this component is to identify the types of skills the business needs and the extent to which its workforce has the skills required.

Our experts will work with your business to consider the skills required by different roles across the business and the extent to which these align with the business plan. We will develop a skills and competency framework for key occupations across your business and a carry out a skill needs assessment of current staff. 

4. Delivering high levels of employee engagement

The aim of this component is to put in place a series of complementary interventions to increase staff retention and engagement.

Our experts will look at the levels of retention and motivation, understand the drivers undermining engagement, and work with your team to develop a clear and measurable plan to increase staff retention and engagement, and respond to changing employee needs.

5. Delivering effective training and development

The aim of this component is to identify the training and development programmes that meet the priorities of the business and result in a positive return on investment.

Our experts will help your team to understand its training needs and develop a structured training and development plan that complements the performance monitoring and has a clear process for measurement. 

6. Recruiting the best talent

The aim of this component is to put in place processes to successfully attract the best talent that will stay and progress through the business.

Our experts will identify immediate recruitment needs, and develop a structured recruitment plan that sets out recruitment numbers, profiling requirements and clear labour pools to target.

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