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Become a WorldHost® Recognised Destination

WorldHost recognition is the ‘must-have’ badge for customer service. Whether you’re a town, city, shopping centre or tourist resort, it’s a great way to attract new visitors to your area and get your current customers to keep returning – building your profile as a tourist destination and delivering a real boost to your local economy.

Once you achieve WorldHost recognition standards, we’ll send you an official certificate and stickers to show off in your area and a badge for you to display on your website.

When visitors see the WorldHost logo displayed in your local businesses, they will know that those businesses have made an investment in giving them a great experience, and that their staff will give them the attention that they deserve – promoting a positive image of service in the local area.

Benefits of becoming a WorldHost Recognised Destination

By becoming a WorldHost Recognised (or Committed) Destination you will:

  • Be able to display the WorldHost recognition logo on all your collateral and on websites that promote your destination
  • Promote a positive sense of pride in your local community and businesses
  • Create a culture of excellent service in your destination but making sure that staff in your local businesses are trained in the art of customer care
  • Give staff in your local businesses the opportunity to achieve a nationally-recognised qualification in customer service
  • Create a PR opportunity for your destination – let your local media know that your businesses have been recognised for great service!
  • Be able to put your destination forward for customer service awards and competitions – and be confident in your ability to win!

How to become a WorldHost Recognised Destination

There are two steps to achieving recognition:

  • Become a WorldHost Committed Destination – working with the People 1st team, put together a plan of how you will train local businesses using the WorldHost® customer service training programme
  • Train 25 percent of businesses in your area to WorldHost Recognised Business standards – this means they must train 50 percent or more of their front-line staff using any of the WorldHost customer service training programmes.*

Once you achieve the 25 percent target, you will achieve WorldHost Recognised Destination status.

Ready to commit?

If you’ve got your WorldHost delivery plan ready, your next step is to sign your commitment letter and return it to us.

If you need help getting your plan started, contact our team and we’ll help you get the ball rolling! Enquire online now or call us on 0203 074 1212.

I’m a local business owner and would like to get my area WorldHost recognised, but I‘m just one business – how do I go about it? 

If you’d like to get together with other businesses and organisations in your area to work towards WorldHost recognition, our team can advise you on who to get in touch with. We’d be happy to help – enquire online now or give us a call. 

*Excludes WorldHost Insights


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