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This programme will teach your people how to deliver the hugely popular WorldHost Principles of Customer Service course to other staff in your business.

Our master trainer will familiarise your trainers with the Principles of Customer Service course content and assess them on their training ability to ensure that they meet the WorldHost standard. They’ll receive a trainer guide with plenty of supporting information to guide them through the programme.

Once licensed, they’ll also be able to purchase delegate workbooks, pins and certificates.


The benefits of training your people to deliver the WorldHost Principles of Customer Service in-house include:

  • Reduced costs – you won’t need to pay for external training in future
  • Creating a training and customer service culture in your business where colleagues can share their knowledge and experience
  • Consistent, excellent training for all your staff
  • Formal assessment and quality assurance –  all delegates are assessed at the end of the programme, and will get valuable feedback on what they’re doing well, and where they can improve. Only those that meet the WorldHost standard will become officially licensed.
  • Making your trainers feel valued by providing CPD and the opportunity to gain a nationally-recognised training licence

Who should take this course?

This programme is aimed at training, personnel and HR specialists, managers, heads of department and anyone responsible for the performance of front-line staff and setting standards within their organisation.

It’s also ideal for independent trainers who would like to add the world-renowned WorldHost customer service training brand to their portfolio.

Please note: To be eligible for this programme, delegates will need to be able to show that they have passed a Group Training Certificate or equivalent programme which ensures they have the skills to train groups of delegates.

What the course covers:

  • Delivery of the WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme
  • Practice mini-sessions from the programme
  • Feedback and evaluation from master trainer

Complete the suite

Staff that successfully complete this programme can also train to deliver the full range of WorldHost customer service training programmes through our ‘Complete the Suite’ programme.


  • Open programme : £1,195 per person, including first year's licence fee
  • In-company programme : £6,500
  • No. of people per programme : Up to 10
  • Course length : 3 days

All prices exclude VAT. In-company programmes may include an additional cost for trainer expenses.

Annual licence fee of £200 per trainer from year 2 onwards.

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