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Training evaluation

Our training evaluation service measures the impact of your training programmes on staff performance and your business - helping you improve its effectiveness and show its return on investment.  

We’ll take you through our tried-and-tested evaluation process, setting clear objectives from the start. At the end, you’ll receive a detailed report full of vital information to help ensure your business gets the most out of future training initiatives.

The benefits

Using our training evaluation model will help you:

  • Create benchmarks for future training, as you’ll know the expected outcomes
  • Improve your training’s effectiveness by identifying initiatives that aren’t fulfilling their potential
  • Prove the financial value of your training initiatives to senior management

How it works

To make sure you're getting the most from your training, we establish a strong and effective process to measure the return you're getting on your investment.

Our approach is based on six key steps:

  • Clarifying training objectives
  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework that has key performance indicators
  • Working out how we're going to collect data
  • Carrying out additional research with managers and employees
  • Analysing the data we've collected and writing a detailed report
  • Working out a return on investment using financial data

We use questionnaires, knowledge and skills assessments, and look at changes in performance and behaviour to identify business impacts. We also work out the cost and benefit of training, including non-financial benefits, to give you a complete picture.

The information we collect about your training follows Jack Phillips' five levels of training impact evaluation.

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What others say

“When you work in training and development, you always want to know if it has made a positive impact, but it’s often hard to quantify. For us, we were clearly able to show that the training had delivered a clear benefit to our bottom line – a 424% return on investment, which is a fabulous result.

“People 1st also provided us with a list of recommendations on how we could make improvements when we rolled out the programme across our business and provided us with all the tools we would need if we wanted to evaluate the programme again in the future.”

Alex Taylor, Training Manager, Harrison Catering Services

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