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Training needs assessment

Our training needs assessment (also known as a training needs analysis) will help you identify your staff training and development needs and show you the skills your business needs to grow and develop.

Using our quick and effective online assessment, we’ll survey your staff and compile the results - so all you have to do is wait for our comprehensive and easy-to-use report!

The benefits

Benefits of using our training needs assessment service include:

  • Saving time and resources when creating training and development plans – our report will help identify and prioritise training needs across the company
  • Getting the best ROI from your training budget by identifying the most critical areas for investment
  • Improving employee productivity by helping you address skills or knowledge gaps
  • Improve staff motivation by showing that you take their professional development seriously

Who is it for?

We normally recommend a company-wide assessment to give you the most accurate overview of your staff’s current skills and any gaps. However, you can also conduct a smaller assessment with selected individuals or teams.

How it works

Our training needs assessment can be undertaken using a standard model or tailored to meet your business's specific needs. The analysis is generally completed online and uses a number of statements to ask people to rate themselves on their ability to perform different tasks.

We then collect the results and produce a report that's easy to understand and includes graphs and tables of summary scores, together with relevant commentary from people taking part.

A People 1st training needs assessment can help you to understand:

  • Where staff have training and development needs
  • Team members' preferred learning methods
  • Barriers to training

The analysis can also help managers and in-house training and development teams create plans for future training activities.

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