360 degree appraisals

Our 360 degree appraisal service gives you a vital insight into your people’s skills, management styles and working relationships, helping you to benchmark and improve their performance.

Using a simple online survey, we’ll collect confidential, anonymous feedback on your chosen employees from those who work around them. At the end of the process, you’ll receive an easy-to-understand report summarising the results. 

The benefits

Using 360 degree appraisals in your business will:

  • Create a basis for your training and development plans by highlighting strengths, weaknesses and skills gaps within the organisation
  • Improve staff communication and productivity by helping you address any underlying issues within teams
  • Improve staff motivation as you demonstrate your commitment to their development
  • Support your succession planning by identifying top performers
  • Create an open culture that values feedback

Who are 360 degree appraisals for?

While anyone can receive a 360 degree appraisal, they are generally used for people in supervisory, management or leadership roles.

What they cover:

The appraisal questionnaire can be tailored depending on your business’ needs and can cover areas you specifically want to look at.

Many organisations use our standard model, which looks at the person being reviewed across a number of key areas, including communication, customer service, analytical judgement and leadership.

How the process works:

Your chosen team members will rate themselves against set criteria and then ask their line managers, direct reports and other people they work with to rate them against the same criteria.

The results give 360 degree feedback to show how the people being appraised see themselves, compared to how their staff and line managers see them.

The 360 degree questionnaire results are combined and we produce a report that is easy to read and understand. This report provides all the information gathered and includes graphs and tables of summary scores.

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What others say

“Historically, we had carried out 360° performance appraisals in-house. Working with People 1st halved our costs and saved us a headache!

“Our hotels are run by operators who like things to move along quickly. For them, this was wonderful. A single click on a web link and they were straight into the survey. What’s more, the presentations were very neatly presented and really easy to interpret.

“People 1st gave us a tailormade solution, quick response and really excellent customer service. We were over the moon with the results.”

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