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This coaching session will teach your people how to deliver People 1st’s Management 1st programme, which gives new managers the communication skills and confidence they need to succeed and be effective in their role.

Through a one-to-one session, our master trainer will take them through the programme content so they can become a licensed Management 1st trainer. Once licensed, they’ll be able to purchase Management 1st participant workbooks and certificates.

The benefits

Benefits of training your own people to deliver Management 1st include:

  • Reduced costs – you won’t need to pay for external training in future
  • Creating a pipeline of well-trained managers that will support your succession planning
  • Improved retention as managers learn soft skills to keep their staff motivated and engaged
  • Enriched communication between teams as delegates build relationships and network throughout the programme
  • Building your reputation and brand through confident managers who know how to make a powerful impression

Who should take this course?

The programme is aimed at training, personnel and HR specialists, managers, heads of department, independent trainers and anyone responsible for the performance of others and setting standards within their organisation.

Please note: To be considered for this coaching session, delegates will need to produce an updated CV, together with proof of CPD and formal training (or equivalent experience) in the training/education field. Contact us for more details.

What the coaching session covers:

  • The content of each day of the Management 1st programme
  • Understanding the programme’s activities and PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Agreeing and delivering a work-based project
  • Using the People 1st trainer portal to promote, book and manage courses
  • Understanding People 1st licensing and certification processes and procedures


  • In-company programme : £1,350 (additional people can also be included in the session for £200 each)
  • No. of people per programme : 1
  • Course length : 1 day

Delegate workbooks once licensed: £45 each

All prices exclude VAT. In-company programmes may include an additional cost for trainer expenses.


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