Personal branding

Our Personal Branding programme helps your staff develop and refine their personal images, so they can create powerful and lasting first impressions.

The way your people dress, talk and present themselves to others determines how people respond to them and what they think of your organisation as a whole. Your organisation has invested time and money to create, market and protect its brand – we can help you ensure that your people reflect that through their personal brands too.

The benefits

The benefits of using the Personal Branding course to train your staff include:

  • Strengthening your brand and reputation through trained staff who understand how to create an excellent professional image
  • Improved productivity as staff feel empowered and confident to influence others
  • Making staff feel valued and motivated by investing in their personal development

Who is this course for?

This programme is designed for team leaders, supervisors, managers and team members who are expected to create strong first impressions, and demonstrate confidence in meetings, presentations and networking.

The course is suitable for both men and women; however, we would recommend same-gender groups for optimum openness and impact.

What the course covers:

  • First impressions
  • Personal appearance
  • The way you communicate
  • Building your reputation and professional image
  • Managing meetings, presentations and networking
  • Creating a personal action plan

The programme is delivered by a professional image and impact specialist and is informal and interactive, with discussions, idea exchanges, exercises, group work and practice sessions.


  • In-company programme : £2,250
  • No. of people per programme : 6-15
  • Course length : 1 day

All prices exclude VAT. In-company programmes may include an additional cost for trainer expenses.


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“The workshop has had a real effect on people – it makes them think about how people perceive them and how they can create their own brand. A group of us had a meeting the day after the session and we were all dressed completely differently to the day before! I’ve definitely noticed a difference throughout the business.”

Sarah Mills-Woods, head of learning, Ladbrokes