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International quality assurance & accreditation services

We provide expertise in world-class quality assurance programmes and accreditation of training provision developed and used by training providers, colleges and employers; designed to meet the needs to industry; is of the highest quality and uses the best teachers and trainers.

Our methodology:
  • Development and implementation of robust quality assurance processes
  • Create benchmarks for the quality required
  • Implement an impact, delivery and performance measurement system
  • Develop a robust, impartial system for auditing
  • Design an accreditation system and supporting processes
Outcome & benefits:
  • A robust quality assurance specification, system and audit process that ensures the quality of training delivery and training providers is world-class.
  • You will have a fully operational accreditation system that is recognised as quality ‘kite mark’ by industry and is seen as the pinnacle of best practice.