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Latest insights

We regularly develop insights into workforce challenges and trends. Our most recent insights, which will help you plan your recruitment, training and talent management, can be found below.


Industrial strategy and the visitor economy

In January 2017, the government published its industrial strategy green paper. The skills section focuses heavily on skill shortages in science and engineering sectors - is it missing a trick by not placing more emphasis on the visitor economy?

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Migration & labour restrictions

By 2024, the hospitality and tourism industry needs to recruit 1.3 million staff. What potential impact could labour restrictions, as a result of Brexit, have on the different occupations, industries and regions across the UK?

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Customer service skills

Having the right skills in place is essential in order for businesses to maximise their full customer potential but are skill gaps and shortages undermining visitor economy businesses ability to respond to customer needs?

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Female talent

The number of women in managerial positions across hospitality and tourism businesses has fallen by 24,000 in the past five years. Retaining and developing women is critical to the growth of the industry. But how can businesses create an environment that harnesses female talent?

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Industry profiles

Our industry profiles provide a snapshot of the key workforce characteristics, skill needs and retention issues facing employers. 

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