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The Skills & Productivity Problem, 2015

Did you know that by improving productivity by just one percent, the hospitality and tourism industry could contribute an additional £1.43 billion to the UK economy?

It's an impressive figure, and one that is certain to have a big impact on businesses' bottom lines too.

But the industry is currently facing a productivity crisis, with high employee turnover leading to a skills gap that has left its businesses 58% less productive (per employee) than those in other sectors like manufacturing.

In our 2015 report, The Skills and Productivity Problem, we explore the current 'state of the nation' for skills in the hospitality and tourism industry and offer suggestions to help employers improve their staff retention.

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People and productivity research 2017

We're currently working with businesses across the hospitality and tourism industry to build on our 2015 research and identify how employers are increasing the performance of their staff.

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