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After the Balmoral team worked with People 1st to train staff in customer service, visitors to the world-famous estate are left in thrall of the fantastic welcome it offers.

The issue

Balmoral Estate, Scottish holiday home to the Royal Family, is also a dedicated tourist resort in itself, with a 19th century castle alongside some of the finest golf, fishing and accommodation in the UK.

Meeting Royal standards of customer service comes as second nature to the 20-strong team that keep the estate ticking, but visitor enterprise manager Garry Marsden wanted a form of external customer service assessment to ensure that they were on the right track.

With many of the same people returning to work at Balmoral year on year, Garry felt it could be easy to become complacent about customer service, so he wanted to ensure that the message was constantly refreshed and reinforced.

The solution – WorldHost®

We delivered our one-day WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme, which offers support on how to make the right first impression, empathise, build rapport and communicate with customers more effectively, for the Balmoral team.

Crucially, the training is highly interactive, giving candidates real world examples, culminating in them making five key commitments on how they will integrate elements of the course into their own working lives.

The impact

Balmoral has a wide cross-section of staff - both male and female, and of various ages – but Garry says that each and every member of staff took something away from the WorldHost training.

He has been thrilled with the results, reporting excellent customer feedback from both Tripadvisor and Facebook, and would recommend it to any business that wants to boost its customer service.

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We have worked with thousands of businesses to transform their customer experience through WorldHost. Businesses engaged with WorldHost customer service training have reported a number of key benefits including increased revenue, additional repeat business, improved customer service ratings and increased staff motivation. Find out more here.

Balmoral Estate

What the client says:

WorldHost was a great fit for our needs, and, as a recognised standard, we knew we needed to be part of it. We’ve done various schemes over the years, but this has by far and away been the most practical – the information was useful and reinforced with good examples. I would recommend it to anyone looking to refresh their customer service skills.

“We’re getting great customer feedback through both TripAdvisor and Facebook saying that our visitors find staff the friendly and helpful which is exactly what we would hope. For us it’s about safeguarding the consistency of customer experience and, through WorldHost has undoubtedly helped us achieve this. When it comes to customer service, you never stop learning.”

- Garry Marsden, Visitor Enterprise Manager, Balmoral Estate

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