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Enquire online or get in touch by phone or social media, we'd love to hear from you.

020 3074 1222
Vertigo, Cheese Lane, Bristol, BS2 0JJ

For licensed trainer / commercial training enquiries contact Kara Wheatley: 07514 496167 | kara.wheatley@people1st.co.uk

For WorldHost enquiries contact Kara Wheatley: 07514 496167 | kara.wheatley@people1st.co.uk

For apprenticeship certification enquiries contact Jean Snaith: 07919624832 | frameworks@people1st.co.uk

For hospitality college accreditation enquiries contact Andy Doyle: 07775 016869 | Andy.Doyle@people1st.co.uk

For EQA enquiries contact Neil Cruickshank: 07880 388557 | neil.cruickshank@people1st.co.uk

For enquiries relating to our international services contact Lucy Victoria: 07917 175635 | lucy.victoria@people1st.co.uk

For all other enquiries please email info@people1st.co.uk and we will arrange for a member of the team to call you back asap. 



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