Redeployment service for hiring managers

As hospitality and tourism establishments across the country reopen their doors, many are facing tough decisions around how to streamline operations. Inevitably, as changes to the furlough scheme kick in, a significant number of redundancies are expected across the sector.

To support those displaced, we're working in partnership with a range of organisations to redeploy people from hospitality, non-food retail, travel and aviation into industries looking for staff, as efficiently as possible, for as long as the disruption impacts vacancies.

Through our combined experience and connections with industry, we want to set a new standard of support to the industries we have known for years.

How we can help support you

We can provide you with access to a talent pool of motivated, passionate, work-ready individuals with sought after transferable skills.

We offer a supportive and personal service that aims to match willing and experienced people with your organisation, based on shared values and cultural fit.

Armed not only with the attributes and behaviours you’re looking for, individuals will also be in the process of gaining the industry-specific skills you’ll value, through a comprehensive package of industry recognised e-learning, supporting their transition into a new role.

How it works

Through our close working relationships with employers across the hospitality, retail, travel and aviation industry, we have access to thousands of displaced, skilled individuals looking for a new opportunity.

We identify transferable skills, experience and values of displaced individuals and upskill them with industry-recognised learning so you can be assured they have the knowledge required to operate safely in a new role.


We’ll work with you to understand your needs and supply you with a short profile of individuals based on attitude, behaviour and attributes by filtering self-assessment questions to enable cultural fit and a values-based hiring decision making.


If these profiles match your requirements, we’ll connect you with the individual and leave it with you to make your own interview and selection arrangements in line with your normal practice.


Benefits of the service

Our approach is intended to make the transition as easy as possible and avoids reliance on CVs, talent banking and online processes as used by the majority of recruiters. Key benefits include:

  • New way of connecting to work-ready individuals with life skills and transferable skills
  • Quality connection through third party to filtered applicants
  • Applicants will share similar values and are highly likely to be a cultural fit
  • Short profiles to review not pages of CVs
  • Cost effective and efficient process
  • Applicants will understand what it’s like to work in the industry
  • Applicants may well be used to shift work and team work

How much it costs

We charge £25 + VAT for each formal introduction following filtering.

We also encourage hiring employers to reimburse their new recruit the £50 fee they invested in the industry-recognised training package (if that fee is not paid by the individual’s previous employer through their redundancy package).

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What others say

Our partnership with People 1st International has given us a fantastic new source of talent with the right attributes and transferable skills we’re looking for. Having a package of support that not only identifies potential recruits with the same values and behaviours that are important to us, but also provides candidates with the introductory knowledge to prepare them to work safely in a new role and industry through online learning is enormously valuable.

Nasir Quraishi, Group HR Director, CareTech

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