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Redeployment service for teams facing redundancy

As hospitality and tourism establishments across the country reopen their doors, many are facing tough decisions around how to streamline operations. Inevitably, as changes to the furlough scheme kick in, a significant number of redundancies are expected across the sector.

To support those displaced, we're working in partnership with a range of organisations to redeploy people from hospitality, non-food retail, travel and aviation into industries looking for staff as efficiently as possible, for as long as the disruption impacts vacancies.

Through our combined experience and connections with industry, we want to set a new standard of support to the industries we have known for years.

How we can help support you

We can support you by providing a practical redundancy support package that helps your people to transition into a new role until they can re-join the sector they love.

Our goal is to help them capitalise on their transferable skills and move into a new role with the industry-specific skills they’ll need.

We offer a supportive and personal service that aims to match motivated and passionate work-ready people with organisations, based on shared values and cultural fit.

Benefits of the support package

  • Practical support and immediate way forward for the individual
  • Cost effective and efficient in time and process
  • Ready to go package
  • Focus is not on CV or qualifications, it’s about attitude and behaviour
  • Respectful of transferable skills gained in the workplace and in life
  • A valuable farewell gift package as a reminder to the value and contribution the individual has given to the organisation

What it offers the individual

For the individual, our redeployment service offers them the opportunity to transform their skills and gain a new role in industries that are recruiting such as health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail and funeral care.

We’ll match the values, behaviours and attitudes to those of recruiting employers and provide their profile to hiring managers seeking their transferable skills.

To help prepare for a new role, they will have access to a comprehensive package of learning.

The service includes:



A self-assessment to help align the individual to potential industries and roles. The responses will help our team to build a profile promote their expertise to recruiting employers across the health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail and funeral care industries.



A dedicated 1:1 session with a member of our team to discuss skills, experience, values and attributes. This session enables us to build on the information given in the self-assessment to identify which industry their transferable skills will most benefit. Our team then advise on the most appropriate learning package to further enhance their skills, and will begin matching them to available roles. 


A comprehensive package of learning to prepare the individual for a new industry. Worth well over £55, the learning package provides all the critical industry-specific skills that hiring managers in health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail or funeral care will highly value. Coupled with transferable skills, this will make the individual an attractive prospect for any hiring manager!


How much it costs

We want this service to be as accessible as possible during these difficult times. We charge £50 (inc. VAT) per person which covers the cost of the learning. This charge can be integrated into redundancy packages and picked up or shared with the employer. 

We will encourage hiring employers to reimburse their new recruit the fee they invested in their training, if that fee is not paid by the individual’s previous employer through their redundancy package.

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