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Eight easy steps to revolutionise your training programme and save money

Many large organisations have complex needs when it comes to training, and they’ll often try to fulfil these needs in equally complex ways. Getting the best possible programme in place is critical for employers to meet their objectives.

People 1st is a unique, impartial performance and talent management expert that has worked with government and employers for over 50 years to make sure businesses get the most up-to-date, highly qualified advice on training.

Here are eight simple steps that we have found help medium to large employers get the best possible training in place, and reduce costs at the same time as expanding their training capabilities and growing capacity.

1. Develop an in-house training team

Training your own staff to become best-in-class trainers is easier than you think. By establishing an in-house training team you will be able to eliminate costly external trainers and draw economies of scale from internal delivery.

We’ve helped numerous organisations quickly increase training capacity, quality and lower costs by putting effective train-the-trainer programmes in place and increasing the skills of their in-house trainers.

2. Ensure your certification is recognised nationwide

If your training and courses result in national qualifications, you will increase their value for both trainers and delegates. Not only will this ensure that your programme is up-to-date, but it also helps retain more qualified staff and improves quality across the board.

3. Build an in-house ‘trainer career pathway’

Building an infrastructure that enables your programme to nurture trainers from cradle-to-grave will ensure that your course gives the best results, when and where they’re needed, as well as ensuring a highly-qualified team of trainers with the skill levels you need in place.

4. Create a training culture

With a team of professional, skilled in-house trainers and courses, trainers can share their knowledge and experience with their teams, and continuously improve and innovate to add more value

5. Ensure your training is consistent and standardised

Putting an in-house programme in place makes it much easier to develop the training that is perfect for your needs and can be delivered quickly, to a high standard and level of consistency that isn’t possible with an external programme.

6. Make sure you put formal assessment and quality assurance processes in place

Creating processes and procedures that guarantee trainers and delegates are assessed at the end of the programme to an agreed standard will mean that consistency, quality control and training effectiveness is a given across all your training programmes.

7. Make sure trainers receive feedback

If they understand what they are doing well, and where they can improve, your trainer teams will be on a continuous mission to learn from their delegates and implement changes where and whenever needed.

8. Make sure your trainers feel valued 

By providing CPD and the opportunity to gain a nationally-recognised training licence, your trainers will get career long benefits from their roles and are far more likely to stay and develop within your organisation

We’ve helped a wide range of organisations put train-the-trainer programmes in place that have achieved these eight key goals and met their training objectives, increasing capacity whilst reducing spend.

Our programmes are flexible and quality-assured, include other skills such as planning, communication, feedback and training needs analysis, and can be adapted for many different industries.

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