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"The Mall of Arabia was very keen to run the Five Star Service Programme and remind staff of the importance of proper customer service and its return to their businesses, there is great interest from tenants to send their staff to training that’s being operated by the Mall, especially when its customised and localised for the Mall itself. We had some good feedback from store owners and HR managers about the impact of the training on the staff and we have also been receiving positive feedback from mall visitors."
Zeina Abdel Azim, Customer Experience Manager

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"The most useful about this VET Toolbox is how to create unit specifications, it should also be extended to more people to have the training."

"It has built my capacity to develop good CBT curriculum and the development of learning materials
based on COTVET standards."

Project beneficiaries

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"After a few years, the Ugandan government realised that skills development in the tourism sector should be a priority as it brings a lot of income to Uganda and has the potential to create many jobs. This is a very important step in building sustainability for the future in the tourism sector in Uganda."

Hebert Byaruhanga, Chairman of the Tourism Sector Skills Council in Uganda

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