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Our work in Latin America & Caribbean

Current projects

  • Skills for Prosperity Mexico:  Supporting DAI in delivery of the Skills for Prosperity programme in Mexico, which will have economic development and welfare as the main objective and will contribute to a reduction of poverty in Mexico.
  • Skills for Prosperity programme – previously ‘Global Britain Education and Skills Hub’:  The Skills for Prosperity programme aims to ‘increase capacity for inclusive economic growth due to more productive and equitable skills sectors improving employability, employment opportunities and the earning potential of beneficiaries.’ It seeks to improve the affordability, quality, relevance and equity of Higher Education and TVET in Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines and South Africa.
  • Pilot project to promote employment for women & youth in the construction sector: To develop a training and labour inclusion model for women and young people in the construction sector through a pilot project in Valle del Cauca, which allows the process to be documented and standardised creating tools that can be replicated in other regions and with other actors in the construction value chain.
  • Honduras Support for Youth Employment Recovery: To make a diagnosis of employment opportunities for young people between 15 and 30 years of age and of the education and vocational training systems in Honduras and to provide recommendations to promote a better articulation between public and private actors for the development of skills relevant to the world of work.


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Case studies


"If we are to add value to our tourism product and capture a larger share of the global market then we need to ensure that our tourism businesses are performing as well as our competitors. Matching the skills required by business will bring jobs, investment and prosperity. Our colleges are now listening and acting upon the needs of our local employers and sending out students with the appropriate skills and qualifications."
Government of Belize

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"This intervention is a useful measure of the effect of training on labor market productivity in the context of one of the largest retail firms in Latin America. The identification strategy relied on the experimental design, as well as individual-level longitudinal information gathered from the firm. The estimates suggest positive effects of the training program on sales and transactions per worker. This result is confirmed in the cost benefit analysis. The findings point towards the feasibility of increasing productivity with a high quality, well-designed and optimally delivered training program targeted to increase socio-emotional skills, specifically leadership and communication, identified as crucial in the productive process of the firm."
Gracianna Rucci , Lead Specialist, Labor Markets Economics, Inter-American Development Bank

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"The Eco Putumayo project is an important part of the British Council’s work in Colombia,
focusing on delivering a technical training programme for women in rural areas in the post-conflict. Working with People 1st, we have been able to meet our objectives to help a significant number of women to develop skills that will enable them to build a sustainable livelihood and better future for themselves, their families and communities. At the same time, we are helping to develop the country’s ecotourism industry which will deliver long-term benefits to the work
of conservationists and to the wider Colombian economy"

Bárbara De Castro, British Council

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"In its mission to make the ITSE project a reality, the Panamanian Government has made the decision to apply only the best practices in technical education and learn from those who have achieved great success in this sphere. In this matter, People 1st has provided the support and information required to implement ITSE. Their expertise has been of a great value."

Ing. Maria Lourdes Peralta, Phd, Instituto Tecnico Superior del Este

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Latin America & Caribbean

"Once again, the joint work has been very valuable, timely and relevant, and we are optimistic that it will contribute to improving the lives of people in the region. People 1st International’s conviction, experience and knowledge in upskilling and reskilling solutions aligned with job and business opportunities adds value. And the professional and human level of its team makes it very pleasant to work together."

Graciana Rucci, Lead Specialist – Labor Markets Division, Inter-American Development Bank

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"ITSE prepares you for work because of the practical activities and the different teaching methods we receive compared to the usual typical university courses that are all theory. We will finish our course and be able to go straight into the workplace with all the necessary skills and attitudes. The course is only 2 years rather than 4 years, which makes it much more accessible to us. We are honoured and privileged to be here and we tell all our friends that they must enrol to be part of this unique learning experience that is so different to anything else here in Panama. ITSE is a second family and we love coming here to learn and the instructors are all so supportive."

ITSE Student Year 1

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A partnership has formed with Festo, Fanshawe College and People 1st International who have collaborated on a technical file informing the proposed development to improve and enhance the educational services at Institute José Carlos Mariátegui de Moquegua to become an IDEX.

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