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Supporting Quality Employment in the Jordanian Restaurant Industry

Since 2016, People 1st International have been working on a number of projects in Jordan within the Visitor Economy focused on strengthening the business sector and making a positive impact on economic inclusion. The Job Brokerage Platform linked to the JRA with the development of information materials and training courses to promote quality employment opportunities, will be able to take the outputs of these initiatives and create a highly interactive and intuitive site able to contribute to the strengthening of the sector post COVID-19.

This project will support and complement the existing EBRD projects under the refugee response in Jordan by achieving a more inclusive job market for refugees, as well as youth and women of both host and refugee communities; and ensure that information on available employment opportunities is easily accessible by the specified target groups.

Our customer

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) / Jordan Restaurant Association (JRA)

Funded by

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) / UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Aim of the project

To complement ongoing activities in the tourism and hospitality sector and the development of a more inclusive job market.

Challenges the project aims to address

There is a lack of dedicated activities in place to encourage job seekers to apply for positions in tourism or to encourage employers to hire and train underrepresented groups in the labour market. There is a lack of information on employment opportunities and relevant, affordable training opportunities for people interested in the industry. There is no dedicated medium that can connect jobseekers with employers. This is particularly true within the restaurant sector and, it is likely that, post COVID-19, the sector will be looking to rapid return to growth and to professional development of the workforce increasing the opportunities for inclusive employment.

Working with a local team of experts from Kalamntina, providing the on-the-ground support and the technical requirements for the online platform, People 1st International will liaise closely with the SSC for H&T in Jordan and will incorporate into this project its materials and advice. This project will contribute to the establishment of the Organisation’s work as norms within the industry, e.g. through promoting standardised job description and incorporating findings in training sessions for employers and prospective employees.

In summary People 1st International will:

  1. Conduct an assessment of the beneficiary’s internal capacity to operationalise their expertise on this sector and coach staff on maintaining the platform and liaise with civil society organisation service providers
  2. Develop and deliver six training courses targeting employers. This will enable the JRA to better serve the needs of businesses and jobseekers in this sector, in line with Jordan’s national objectives for the hospitality sector
  3. Set-up an online job brokerage platform dedicated to the Jordanian restaurant industry
  4. Develop and distribute promotion material for the job brokerage platform and the training
  5. Enhance qualifications of women, youths and refugees

To find out more visit https://www.jra.jo/about-jra-2

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