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Support to Policy Dialogue on Skills Development in the Tourism Sector in Jordan (Phase 1)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has the opportunity to build solid policy engagement that promotes inclusive employment practices in the tourism sector in Jordan. A system is in place for Tourism & Hospitality Sector Skills Council (SSC H&T) for Jordan including an operational board, employer forum and training provider sub-committee. 

During the meeting of the SSC H&T Board in September 2019, it was agreed that the SSC H&T will commence with implementing the first component of the one-year operational plan: define and understand the industry sub sectors and develop key occupational standards and occupational profiles. The direct output of this work will be to develop up to 20 professional standards across the sub industry.

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Aim of the project

The objectives of this project are to identify the breadth of the industry and design National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) in priority occupations.

A Consultant will be recruited to achieve the deliverables described below. The assignment is envisaged to commence in February 2020. The Consultant will work with the SSC H&T Board and will report to the EBRD Regional Economic Inclusion Specialist (based in Amman) and the EBRD Associate Director, Lead Inclusion Specialist (based in London).

Challenges the project aims to address

Despite the potential of the tourism industry, the lack of well trained and motivated staff constitutes one of their main operational challenges. Training standards are not aligned with the needs of employers and this creates substantial skills mismatch. This applies to technical training as well as soft skills. Furthermore, jobs in tourism are still regarded as non-aspirational for many Jordanians, particularly for young women.

To find out more visit www.ebrd.com/news/2020/ebrd-helps-jordans-tourism-sector-recover-.html

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