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UAE Skills Future Framework for a Competitive Knowledge Economy

The project is focused on upskilling and reskilling programmes for future needs’ and aims to develop sustainable solutions for skills development and employment opportunities for the United Arab Emirates. 

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The Higher Colleges of Technology 

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The Higher Colleges of Technology 

Aim of the project

There are two clear objectives of the project: 

  1. Development of a framework that ensures students have the relevant academic knowledge, along with the technical and soft skills required for employment and that they meet the demand of the private sector. This will be in accordance with the job forecast by sector and identified job profiles provided by MoHRE that supports the UAE employment strategy. 
  2. Creation and implementation of a model across key stakeholders (i.e. students, parents, alumni, private and government) of the new job opportunities in the private sector and to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst the students, in particular young people and women, in line with the UAE employment strategy. 
Challenges the project aims to address

The key area of this project is to develop high-quality skills for a competitive knowledge economy, inclusive of:

  1. Job Profiles and Career Pathways targeting six strategic sectors, namely IT, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities and Construction
  2. A set of programmes and curricula for new entrants and mid-career professionals requiring reskilling and upskilling for implementation by targeted “Sector Skills Academies”
  3. A fully-fledged transformation awareness and promotion campaign across key stakeholders in supporting the UAE’s Employment Strategy through a sustainable change management model.

To find out more visit www.hct.ac.ae/en/strategy/strategic-themes/technical-leaders/ and www.hct.ac.ae/content/uploads/01_Education-to-Employment_FocalStrategy2017_2021.pdf

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