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People 1st extend deadline for nominations to Hospitality and Retail Apprenticeship Boards

06 October 2016

Nominations for the new Hospitality and Retail Apprenticeship Boards, recognised by government to ensure that industry’s apprenticeships stay fit for purpose, have been extended until 14 October, giving businesses an additional opportunity to secure their role in the future of hospitality or retail apprenticeships.

The boards were launched by workforce development expert, People 1st, who was nominated by retailers to manage the external quality assurance process of the new employer-driven hospitality and retail apprenticeships.

People 1st is looking for members that are passionate about driving up the quality of apprenticeships and championing them within the industry and their networks. Members will have an opportunity to:

  • Influence the future of industry apprenticeships – and make sure they remain a valuable solution to the industry’s skills challenges
  • Play a significant part in protecting the quality of the new employer-driven standards
  • Be instrumental in ensuring apprenticeship standards are fit for purpose for all hospitality or retail businesses
  • Be recognised as a key influencer on apprenticeships, motivating their networks to use them and achieve high-quality results

Annette Allmark, director of strategic policy at People 1st explains: 

“Joining the boards presents a huge opportunity to businesses and individuals that want an influential role in the future of hospitality and retail apprenticeships. We want to ensure the boards are made up of a diverse range of industry representatives, and that both large employers and SMEs are represented. With enquiries still coming in, we’re hoping that extending the deadline for nominations will give employers the chance to finalise their nominations.”

Kathryn Porter, director of youth strategy, EMEA at Hilton Worldwide and chair of the hospitality trailblazer, explains:

“External quality assurance is critical because it will pick up any inconsistencies in assessment and ensure a high level of quality is maintained and that apprentices are achieving the standard. Most importantly it will give employers, apprentices and the public in general, confidence in how the apprenticeship is assessed.” 

A total of 15 positions are available on each of the two boards and the closing date for applications is now 14 October 2016.

To find out more about what being a member of the board involves and to influence the future of hospitality or retail apprenticeships, make your nomination here: www.people1st.co.uk/Industry-apprenticeship-boards