Management 1st

The Management 1st programme gives new managers the communication skills and confidence they need to succeed and be effective in their role.

Management 1st training days are spread out over a number of months, which gives participants the opportunity to try the techniques they have learnt, feed their experiences back to the group and discuss the programme with their line managers.

The benefits

Benefits of using the Management 1st programme to train your people include:

  • Creating a pipeline of well-trained managers that will support your succession planning
  • Improved retention as managers learn soft skills to keep their staff motivated and engaged
  • Enriched communication between teams as delegates build relationships and network throughout the programme
  • Building your reputation and brand through confident managers who know how to make a powerful impression

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for people working in working junior or middle management roles – including team leaders, supervisors and operational managers – who have direct responsibility for and manage a team on a daily basis.

It’s also perfect for team members who have been identified for promotion.

Number of people per programme: 8-16

What the course covers:

  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and using them to their advantage
  • Creating positive and powerful first impressions
  • Communication skills to motivate and coach staff and manage relationships with colleagues
  • Dealing with conflict and giving feedback
  • Building confidence and assertiveness
  • Negotiation and influencing skills

Management 1st also includes an optional half-day module on presentation skills.

What is the cost of the programme?
The recommended retail price for this 4 day programme is £995+VAT per participant. Find an Approved Training Provider to discuss the programme and pricing in more detail.


Hear from others...

Every manager we have put through Management 1st has learned something, from understanding how to motivate and coach others to improving how they manage performance. The networking between managers on the programme is immensely valuable too.
Liam Dolan-Barr, HR Director, Talarius
The beauty of Management 1st is that it is suitable for those about to step into a supervisory position as well as those who are in their first management role and who have not received any formal development. The learning can be applied at different levels to suit the individual and can be built upon so that the outcomes not only benefit the individual, but the business as a whole. It’s given us the structure for a development programme.
Clare Sheridan, Director of Learning & Development, Hotel Café Royal, London
I’m extremely happy with how the Management 1st programme has been received. Our managers have found many of its models useful, particularly time management, organising themselves and managing their workload, as well as the coaching models and feedback models. We’re definitely getting more confident, I’ve seen it in emerging teams, and our younger or newer managers. We’re seeing positive results from feedback from our visitors too.
Gemma Rowden, training manager, The View from The Shard

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