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Transform your training for virtual delivery

The Certificate in Virtual Training will teach trainers how to transition their training for virtual delivery, adapting their skills to deliver highly effective, online training.

In today’s environment, online delivery and virtual facilitation are critical skills for trainers. Even for those with experience, running training sessions using web-based platforms is a completely different experience to classroom, training room or face to face delivery.

This 2.5 day programme will take trainers through the essential principles for delivering learning in a virtual environment, preparing them to manage the complexities of facilitation and technology alongside maintaining learner engagement.

Who should take this course?

The course is suitable for qualified or experienced trainers and teachers who are looking to develop their training skills and transition to virtual delivery.

What the course covers:

  • Introduction to digital delivery
  • Using virtual platforms to deliver online training
  • Planning, writing and adapting content for virtual delivery
  • How to effectively lead, facilitate and deliver on a virtual platform

The course will be assessed by completion of a virtual micro delivery.


Benefits of training in the Certificate in Virtual Training programme include:

  • Training techniques needed for today’s world helping you to apply best practices for delivering highly effective, online training delivery
  • Confidence in the ability to manage virtual sessions and how to keep learners engaged
  • Ability to develop and adapt your content for online delivery – taking your programmes into the virtual world
  • Hands on experience in delivering in a virtual environment with feedback from peers and a virtual training expert
  • Certificated learning – those that successfully pass the assessment will receive an e-certificate to validate skills as an effective virtual trainer

Learning outcomes

  • Identify different methods to facilitate learning using technology
  • Recognise key features of online learning applications and software
  • Establish key features of virtual delivery best practice
  • Demonstrate how to set up and run a virtual learning session
  • Incorporate best practice methodology when writing a session plan, preparing a presentation and delivering a virtual session

What is the cost of the programme?

The recommended retail price for this 2.5 day programme is £650+VAT.


Hear from others...

I attended the Certificate in Virtual Training to find out and practice the skills required to plan and deliver virtual training using platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams before having to face a ‘live audience’ for the first time. Using virtual platforms is not easy as it is not particularly intuitive. 

The programme really helped me understand the importance of planning how to approach a virtual session and it was so beneficial to have an expert to demonstrate and explain the different techniques and tools available. It has certainly given me confidence to deliver virtually and made my role much less challenging and stressful!"

Tim Ripper, Creative Learning Solutions

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