Professional Certificate in Training Design and Delivery

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Plan, develop, deliver and assess highly engaging learning experiences

The Professional Certificate in Training Design and Delivery will teach participants how to design and deliver effective, interactive training sessions to groups of people, and tailor it for individual interactions.

Our experienced trainers will take participants, step-by-step, through everything they need to know to become an excellent trainer - from setting objectives to creating engaging training content, delivery techniques, assessing learners and more.

Who should take the course?

The Professional Certificate in Training Design and Delivery is aimed at aspiring trainers who are either:

  • Members of staff in a business and have training responsibilities
  • People who are required to train others i.e. somebody taking their first steps into a consultant trainer role or required to deliver some training in a workplace.
  • People who want to take their first steps toward becoming a full time trainer

The programme would also support people who are being trained to deliver prewritten training programmes.

What does it cover?

The 5 day programme will focus on group delivery with a section acknowledging the changes that are required for 1-2-1 interactions. The programme covers:

  • Planning training
  • Developing training content
  • Delivering training
  • Assessing learners
  • Reflecting
  • Measuring

Participants will be assessed by writing a short session plan which they will be required to deliver as a microteach to their peers.

Benefits of the programme

  • Confidence in the ability to design and deliver highly effective training
  • Hands on experience in delivering training with feedback from peers and a training expert
  • Certifcated learning - those that successfully pass the assessment will recieve an e-certificate to validate skills as an effective trainer

Learning outcomes

  • Write intended learning outcomes that will inform programme design and delivery of teaching and learning
  • Prepare a structured training session that follows a clear plan in a logical order that meets a specified learning level
  • Identify best practice strategies for delivering an effective training session
  • Establish a clear set of assessment criteria suitable for measuring the impact and effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Recognise the importance of reflecting on my own performance and the impact that an honest appraisal can have on improving own performance and quality of session, content and resources
  • Confidently deliver a preprepared training session that demonstrates implementation of teaching strategies, techniques and positive behaviours outlined throughout the programme

What is the cost of the programme?

The recommended retail price for this 5 day programme is £995+VAT per participant.

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