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Become a WorldHost® Recognised Business

WorldHost Business Recognition is a great way for businesses to build trust, attract, and retain new customers through positive marketing of their brand and customer experience commitment – delivering a real boost to reputation, repeat custom and loyalty and increased revenue.

When customers see a WorldHost recognised business, they understand that they have made an investment in providing a world class welcome.

What can my business expect to gain as a WorldHost Recognised Business?

When an organisation prioritises customer service and invests in training a significant number of staff, business transformation starts to happen and you see benefits in your bottom line.

Staff are more motivated, more likely to upsell and go the extra mile because they believe in what they’re doing and have skills that empower them. This helps to increase revenue through extra sales and more repeat business.

Happier staff means less absenteeism and lower churn, leading to cost savings. 

Benefits of becoming a WorldHost Recognised Business

By becoming a WorldHost Recognised Business you will:

  • Be able to display the WorldHost recognition logo to your customers and on your website – plus your WorldHost Business Recognition plaque can take pride of place in your business!
  • Create a PR opportunity for your business – use the recognition marketing toolkit to let your local media know that you’ve been recognised for great service!
  • Develop a culture of excellent service in your business by ensuring all your staff are trained in the art of customer care
  • Show your team that you are willing to invest in their development – and a happy team means happy customers!

How to become a WorldHost Recognised Business

You can apply to become a WorldHost Recognised Business once you have trained 50 percent or more full time equivalent staff using any of the following WorldHost programmes and you have made a commitment to the WorldHost Customer Service Excellence Charter.

  • WorldHost Principles of Customer Service
  • WorldHost Inclusive Service
  • WorldHost Ambassadors (Business and Events)

The WorldHost Recognition is valid for three years and can be renewed by completing a futher application to demonstrate you still have 50 percent of more staff trained in WorldHost. 

How much does WorldHost Business Recognition cost?

Pricing for Business Recognition is tailored to different sizes of organisation. The recognition is granted for a three year period, after which you can apply for renewal and will need to demonstrate you still meet the criteria of 50% of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees having successfully passed one of the WorldHost workshops.

  • Small (1-49 employees): £150+VAT
  • Medium (50-499 employees): £250+VAT
  • Large (500+ employees): £400+VAT

How to apply for WorldHost Business Recognition

Reached your 50 percent target?

Getting recognised is simple – just fill out the application form and return it to us at trainingops@people1st.co.uk

When we confirm that you’ve trained 50 percent or more of your staff, we’ll send you your recognition pack. Then you can start shouting about your brilliant customer service!


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