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TLC (The Training and Learning Company)

Gold standard apprenticeship provider

TLC is renowned for its flexibility and innovation in delivering our training services. If that means we have to work the night shift, design a bespoke training programme or work out of hours to meet the needs of our customers, then we just do it.

We are an Ofsted outstanding provider for apprenticeship training services and boast a 92% average success rate for our apprenticeship programmes.

TLC is passionate about teamwork, honesty, trust and helping each other achieve, this in turn ensures we deliver a professional service to our customers that drive results.

Osfted grade: Outstanding

Employer satisfaction: 90%

We deliver apprenticeships in:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail 
  • Management

What employers say:

"The most recent success story from this vibrant innovative company is the result of a unique ground breaking Welsh apprenticeship scheme with supermarket giant, Tesco. The apprenticeship has been a success and we are delighted that we have such a strong success rate, the feedback from learners has been positive. 

"The apprenticeship was attended by employees across a wide age range, it has broadened their understanding of retail and helped them to do a better job because they know more about the business." -  Nick McGlashan, Connectivity and Brand Manager, Tesco

“TLC has been a fantastic partner throughout the process. The mobilisation of the qualifications was very smooth and well-planned, the delivery of the qualifications has been very strong indeed. The feedback from our team members has been consistently excellent with most of them stating that the assigned tutors have been the best coaches and mentors they have ever had!

"In a nutshell, I personally have been very impressed with our partnership with TLC and I’m keen to ensure that our relationship and success rate grows which ultimately will help me to develop my teams and provide better services at AstraZeneca.’’John Moores, Catering Lead, CSIFM Sodexo

“The first step was to meet with Christine and Richard Allison, directors of TLC. It was great to feel that they were like-minded people who immediately enthused us with their can-do attitude to learning.

"The fact that our team was large, spread across eight lounges, worked various shifts and had varying degrees of English and academic ability didn’t seem to phase them.‘Not a problem’ was their response. The TLC team worked flat-out to achieve our target – amazing!" - Claire Adams, Lounges Manager, Restaurant Associates

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