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Gold standard apprenticeship provider

Westminster Kingsway College is a further education college in central London, with centres in King's Cross and Regent's Park in Camden, together with Victoria and Soho centres in Westminster.

The college has around 14,000 students across all age ranges and provides further, adult and higher education programmes including full-time and part-time vocational, professional and academic courses at different levels. 75% of students are over the age of 21 and there are over 60 nationalities and around 50 languages spoken. Students are mainly from London. An international department has students from overseas including those who attend study visits, exchanges and internships from partner colleges overseas.

Our institution is one of the main contributors to sustainable economic growth in this sector and is widely recognised as being integral and a supportive element of the food industry. With all of our apprentices working within the industry, we provide it with the most talented and the most committed chefs and front-of-house personnel with real-industry skills.

Our extensive and high quality gastronomic practice is of strategic importance for the institution, as it significantly benefits the college’s growth, profile and revenue, while making a significant contribution to the intellectual, economic and cultural life.

We continuously improve and innovate the foundations of professional industry training with our excellent links with top industry leaders and ongoing collaboration with the international food industry, we are able to provide our apprentices with a wide range of courses and work based learning that enable them to gain highly respected awards and recognition within the industry.

Ofsted grade: Good (outstanding in hospitality and catering)

Employer satisfaction: 85%

We deliver apprenticeships in:

  • Hospitality and catering

What employers say:

"The new model of apprenticeships is now closer to the German model than ever and we are very well supported by Westminster Kingway to understand the changes. There is great open communication and our relationship has enabled us to deliver a fantastic programme. The hotels within the Hyatt group deliver the industry training followed by the college supplementing with the classics and traditional methods, this works well for Hyatt and our apprentices. 

"Our apprenticeship strategy is evolving and we are conversant with the levy and changed system. The college is supporting  us to get a firm grip on the new world.  Our partnership is working well, Hyatt use the college for their great training and we use our apprenticeship programme as a recruitment tool to grow new talent into the industry.  The college provides a sound environment for the apprentices to thrive."Heike Becker – Learning Manager, Hyatt Regency

"We found Westminster Kingsway to be pretty easy and straightforward to work with. Any problems I had were dealt with in an efficient manner.

"Where apprentices have come to me with no experience at all I was able to mould and train them to how I wanted them to be. The apprentices decided this what they wanted to do and were really committed to it. The college has been really helpful, I definitely would work with them again in the future." - Executive Chef, Sourced Market

"I have received loads of feedback from Westminster Kingsway on what our apprentice, Jamie, is doing well and areas for development, which has been great. They are in regular communication with me about his progress, either in person, on the phone or email, so I've been able to work with him closely and extensively in order for him to improve. 

"Jamie has come on leaps and bounds in terms of his development which is a mixture of my training as his chef and also the college. He recently won an internal scheme for Up and Coming Star of the Year, and I have also promoted him to be a demi chef, in the short space of a year, so I'm really happy as his employer. Westminster Kingsway are very helpful they're always in contact." - Head Chef, Harbour and Jones

"Westminster Kingsway are very good. The syllabus that is taught to apprentices has had a huge benefit to both my apprentice and us as a business. His technical cooking skills for meat and fish are great. My apprentices can staff and manage either section in-house. 

"Antonio (our apprentice) is way above any of my other chefs on CPD that are not on the apprenticeship with Westminster Kingsway.  His grasping and ability to learn and catch onto things straight away is much better than anyone else and this has a lot to do with the college. My sous chef is the point of contact with the college and from induction onwards, all processes and procedures have been good." - Head Chef, Aubaine

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