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Occupational & professional standards

We believe in recognising competencies and establishing clear national standards of the skills, knowledge and behaviours for job roles. To help ensure educational and work-based programmes offer value and deliver the skills employers need - and to provide clarity and confidence on the underpinning knowledge – our team provide support to government departments to develop and evaluate the occupational standards for industry through robust consultations processes, bringing together employers and key stakeholders.

Building on this work, our team of experts can work with you to develop professional standards to create valuable, transportable and transferable standards that enable progression and align to future workforce demands – helping employers measure performance and gain endorsement of their training provision.

Our four step process:

Stage 1: We assist you in forming an employer technical special interest group to develop new Professional Standards for the job role/s. We will use the job descriptions and internal training materials linked to job roles and work with the special interest group to develop the job competencies. Once the standards are drafted, we recommend that the wider industry is consulted before formal sign off of the draft.

Stage 2: When the Professional Standard is complete a review of the generic functionalities of the role will be undertaken by the group to ascertain the assessment methods required to be undertaken for the new standards.

Stage 3: The special interest group will commence the development of assessment templates to align with agreed methods, to ensure a fair and consistent assessment is undertaken for each candidate.

Stage 4: All information will be reviewed by you and the wider industry partners to ensure it fulfils the requirements specified.

To find out more about how we can help you develop standards for your industry, get in touch.


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