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Empower your staff to deliver excellent customer service with our WorldHost ‘Principles of Customer Service’ online workshop, and give your business the outstanding reputation it deserves.

WorldHost customer service training is an engaging experience for your staff, covering real-world situations. Flexible content ensures workshops are always highly relevant allowing trainers to adapt to suit your organisation whilst easily accessible as an online programme. Participants’ can quickly apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge, so your customers feel the benefits, fast. At the same time, WorldHost training develops participants’ transferrable skills which they will be able to utilise for the rest of their lives.
For your organisation, WorldHost training is the foundation for establishing a culture of excellence and driving business transformation. You’ll be amazed how much people can learn over four 90 minute online sessions.
Who should take the workshop?
This workshop is aimed at any front-line staff who come into contact with and have regular interactions with customers.
What does it cover?
  • Identifying customer needs and managing expectations
  • The importance of making a great first impression
  • Applying customer service within your role and sector 
  • Communication skills to improve your customer interactions
  • Leaving a lasting impression
  • Planning for professional development
Benefits of the programme
  • An easily accessible online programme set over four 90 minute webinars 
  • Adaptable to multiple roles, sectors or industries
  • Easy to contextualise 
Positive outcomes for your organisation
  • Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales
  • Increased staff motivation, and therefore reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on online review sites 
Better customer experiences set organisations apart from their competitors and keep customers coming back for more. Transform your business and get the recognition you deserve by applying to become a WorldHost Recognised Business - a ‘must-have’ badge for customer service.
What is the cost of the programme?

The recommended retail price for this online programme is £69.95+VAT per participant for a maximum of 6 participants. Find an Approved Training Provider to discuss the programme and pricing in more detail.

Alternatively, if you are interested in training a member of your staff to deliver this course in your business, please click here for more information.


Hear from others...

We have seen a major impact, not only have the teams’ self-belief and general motivation
improved, but our feedback levels show that the quality of customer experience has also risen.

Andrew Mackay, founder of the Mackay Hotel Company

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