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Across the UK we support the hospitality, retail, travel and aviation industry:

  • Workforce intelligence: Our deep insights into the current and future skills needs are fostered out of the strong relationships we hold with industry to give us real-time intelligence into the workforce disruptions and challenges, innovative approaches and practical solutions the industry needs.
  • Enabling collaboration: We bring together employers and partners with a passion for skills development to work collaboratively through our employer skills & quality boards to identify the skills priorities for the sector and develop a clear industry-endorsed strategy on how to attract, retain and develop the best talent. The connections we forge between employers and education through our employer-led college accreditation board help align skills to businesses' needs, ensuring they are an excellent source of future talent for the industry.
  • Creating industry standards: We’ve been at the forefront of developing apprenticeships and professional standards, working with employers to define the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for today’s industry. Uniquely, we also support employers to retain a leading role in maintaining the ongoing quality of apprenticeships through an employer-led approach to external quality assurance.   
  • Practical, responsive solutions: As the industry expert in skills, we offer a wide range of support and practical solutions that are developed in collaboration with employers to help you maximise the potential of your workforce. Our products and services, such as our WorldHost programme, are trusted by businesses to deliver results through an innovative, human and transformative approach.


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Employer-led skills & quality boards

The hospitality, retail, travel and aviation skills and quality boards bring together leading industry representatives to establish one employer-led strategic skills board in each industry.

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We've facilitated the development of over 18 apprenticeship standards in hospitality, retail, travel and aviation and were nominated by employers to manage the EQA process.

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External quality assurance

The hospitality, retail, aviation and travel sectors have chosen the employer-led external quality assurance approach which we manage on behalf of employer-led boards.

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Hospitality accreditation

Our hospitality accreditation recognises colleges that deliver excellent full-time or classroom-based hospitality training and qualifications and highlights colleges that are working well with employers.

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