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People and Performance in Hospitality and Tourism 2017

The way in which hospitality and tourism businesses recruit, retain and maximise their staff's performance is likely to be challenged over the next few years, on the back of a number of key factors.

The introduction of the National Living Wage and the apprenticeship levy is already resulting in businesses rethinking their people strategies. More widely, demographic changes, falling unemployment, and the threat of a migration cap mean it's likely to become even harder to recruit the 1.3 million staff that we estimate the sector needs by 2025.

We're currently working with businesses across the hospitality and tourism industry to look at the way they're thinking about these changes, the extent to which there is an increased focus on seeing a greater return on investment from staff and, more broadly, how human resources are aligning their strategies to the wider business.

This research, due to be published in early 2017, builds on the Skills and Productivity Problem report published in 2015 and aims to identify how businesses are increasing their staff's performance.

The research aims to show:

  • The current focus of hospitality businesses’ human resource strategies
  • How businesses are measuring the success of their human resource interventions
  • How people management is linking with business objectives
  • Attitudes towards staff retention and how businesses are tackling it
  • Attitudes towards staff progression and development
  • How businesses are maximising their staff's skills
  • Attitudes towards training and development and how success is measured
  • The impact of the National Living Wage on human resource strategies
  • The impact of the apprenticeship levy on human resource strategies
  • How technology is being used as part of recruitment and development
  • How businesses are aligning their staff with organisational systems, and the role that technology plays
  • Typical barriers that prevent businesses from harnessing their staff's skills to increase performance
  • Best practice case studies to help other businesses adopt these practices
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The Skills and Productivity Problem 2015

Did you know that by improving productivity by just one percent, the hospitality and tourism industry could contribute an additional £1.43 billion to the UK economy? Our 2015 report, 'The Skills and Productivity Problem' explores the current 'state of the nation' for skills in the hospitality and tourism industry and offers suggestions to help employers improve their staff retention.

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